Working with Me

My career has been focused on experimenting and building strategies around finding new approaches to telling stories, circulating stories, listening to/understanding audiences, engaging audiences, and facilitating meaningful ways for those audiences to participate in and around stories.

The roots of that exploration began in 1995, when I served as a community contributor to rural newspapers, and an early career in rural journalism, starting in 2001, where I experienced the disruptions of the digital age firsthand. The questions I ran into in that work and in my undergraduate studies led me deeper into the world of academia in 2005, where I co-founded and helped manage a research group at MIT focused on the changing media landscape.

Since 2007, my career has been a balance between, on the one hand, studying the media and marketing industries in academia and, on the other, consulting with networks, publishers, creators, brands, academic groups, and other organizations navigating this changing terrain–experimenting with new approaches through innovation projects, both “fast” and “slow,”

My work can be project-based, workshop or event-based, retainer-based, or–in some cases–on demand, by the hour. A couple of times, initial consulting has even taken me into a full-time role with an organization for a time.

If you think I can be of service to you in some way, please get in touch. Let’s talk. (My various forms of contact are on the sidebar.) If I’m not the best fit for helping you, maybe I’ll know who is.